Dirty Postcards

The Legend of Twelve Hundred Postcards: Number 80 Queens Road has been a shop, office, restaurant and dry cleaners in its long history. At one stage when owned by Mr G J Fellows, it even made Beer Engines for the pubs of Hastings.Our bar is named in honour of an event that took place at 80 Queens Road in February 1906. At this time it was a shop known as the Chocolate Box selling sweets and chocolate to the general public. However, its owner Mr J A Wall was also selling French postcards under the counter. Although these would be considered as tame by today’s standards, this was not the case at that time and Mr Wall when caught red handed with the implicating items was arrested and put on trial accused of displaying indecent postcards. Mr Wall pleaded guilty and was handed a sentence of three months imprisonment with hard labour for corrupting the morals of the community.His collection of Twelve Hundred Postcards was destroyed following the conviction but the story lives on today through our bar and the postcards that it contains.

Friday 11th March, 7pm, Twelve Hundred Postcards, 80 Queen’s Rd, Hastings.

100 x 12 EROTIC POSTCARDS exhibition for charity – Haven Books for Prisoners – 12 postcards from diverse artists to be auctioned. 12 exclusive postcards prints by Juliet Brando will be available. Facebook event here.